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We are the #1 website for International, Canada and USA federal, state, local, foundation, and corporation grants with more than 23,409 current grants, funding opportunities, awards, contracts and archived grants (that will soon be available again).

Four (4) things make GrantWatch more unique that any other grants search engine.

  1. We add and update new grants and archive past due, daily.
  2. We have exceptional customer service – phone, chat and email.  Our support office is here for you Monday to Thursday 9:00am to 7:00pm and Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm  (EST).
  3. We accommodate the varying needs of our individual and multiple users through our research and web development staff.
  4. Our grant detail pages include information of "presentation quality" for a board meeting. They include eligibility, geographic focus, estimated size of grant, pre-application information, grant summary, funding source contacts and URLs for grant applications (RFPs)

Where do we find so many grants?  Our team of dedicated GrantWatch researchers and grant associates, publish the newest grants and letters of inquiry (daily) and archive the grants with past funding dates.  Government agencies, foundations, and corporations post the details of their funding opportunity for free) through our dedicated portal, Enter a Grant on the home page.

Where can you locate funding? is the ideal place for locating funding opportunities. GrantWatch makes it simple for small businesses and nonprofits to find funding opportunities from among thousands of unique and current grants. With the largest detailed listing of the newest nonprofit grants and grants for government agencies, small businesses and individuals.

How do I sign up? Click the Sign Up button and register on GrantWatch. Provide a valid email address and get our free weekly emails, listing all the grants posted within the last seven days.  Our grant associates work diligently to translate grant language into layman’s terms and categorize grants for easy searching. You also get full access to the archived grants.

Where do I subscribe?  When you pay a Subscription Fee through the Pricing and Plans button you become a Member Plus.  That gets you behind the pay-wall.  As a Member Plus you will be able to view our comprehensive grants summary including the contact for the funding source and links to their website.

How much does it cost?  One subscription fee gives you full access to the entire GrantWatch and MWBEzone websites and all the locations.  

Do you have customer support? offers telephone, email and chat support for its members.  We are here to serve and assist you as you use our website.​

Single User Subscription: For a single user (one user id and one password) we have a few options based upon the length of  time you want to use the website.  

  • Weekly: $18
  • Monthly: $45
  • 3 Months: $90
  • 1 Year: $199

The grants search engine is now ready to provide your organization with to new access options for your staff, members or patrons. You can offer your building patrons access, incorporate a subscription with your organization's membership or give your in-house staff or faculty the "search engine that gets results".  You can also provide our free weekly updates with these new licenses with a collaborative logo and heading.

  • Multiple User ID Licenses
  • Library IP License (for limited or unlimited simultaneous users)

Let's schedule some talk time to review your unique multiple subscription or library license needs. Once we speak, we will be able to design a plan for your organization. You will find that our bottom line is not the dollar, but meeting the needs of your staff, members, and patrons.


GrantWatch offers discounts to organizations that purchase 3 or more annual subscriptions.  Associations or lead organizations may want to attach a free subscription or a reduced rate to their membership fee.  You may be a school district and want to provide subscriptions to all the individual schools.  Perhaps you are a large hospital or university and need multiple memberships for individuals within the organization with different job titles.  With annual multiple user ID licenses, subscribers can search GrantWatch for funding opportunities whilst in the office and at home, after hours.  Request a quote or call 561 249-4129.


Organizations can provide simultaneous limited or unlimited user access to all patrons within the building with site-wide access when using the same or multiple or a proxy IP address.  This access can increase the flow of patrons at a library or provide easy access to all within a large institution.  Pricing is negotiated case-by-case, based on the organization type and the anticipated size of web traffic by staff or patrons.  Request a quote or call 561 249-4129.

More GrantWatch Statistics:  

New grants are added daily. These statistics are in real-time:

1,004 New Grants Posted on (in the last 7 days).

23,409 Currently Available nonprofit grants, government grants, small business grants and individual grants. 

13,748 Archived past due grants are archived daily - after careful review they are brought back on the site when they become current nonprofit grants, small business grants and/or  individual grants.

If you are located in New York City, Kentucky, Israel, UK, rural Idaho or the ultra-urban metropolis of Los Angeles finding foundation, corporation, or government grant money is a few taps of the keyboard away.

Only at GrantWatch will you find the most current funding opportunities: Federal, Foundation and Corporation grants, awards and contracts for:

Aging/Seniors Arts and Culture Capital Funding Children College Scholarship Community Service Coordination Conflict Resolution Disabilities Disaster Relief Domestic Violence Economic Development Elementary Education Environment Faith Based Farming/Agriculture Financial Assistance Health and Medical Higher Education HIV/AIDS Homeland & National Security Homeless Housing Individual International Justice & Juvenile Justice Literacy Mental Health Municipalities Non-Profit Support Services Nutrition Other Pets/Animal/Wildlife Preschool Preservation Refugee/Immigrant Research & Evaluation Science Secondary Education Small Business Special Education Sports Students Substance Abuse Teachers Technology Transportation Travel & Tourism Veterans Women Workforce and    Youth/Out-of-School Youth

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