Arts and Culture

Total: 665
Grants to Southern California Non-Profits for Health, Human Services, Education, & Arts Programs
Conference Date: 11/04/13
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $25,000 to Southern California non-profit organizations providing effective programs that address the areas of health, human services, and education, with the highest priority given to programs and organizations that provide greater ...

Grants to Hawai'i Non-Profits, For-Profits for Arts, Humanities, Heritage, & Other Initiatives
Conference Date: 08/29/14
Deadline: 11/30/14

Grants starting at $1,000 will be awarded to Hawai‘i non-profits and for-profits for arts, culture, history, and humanities programs that are relevant to Hawaiians and that preserve their special culture. Grant workshops will be held from August 2...

Grants to Arizona Non-Profits & Agencies for Programs Focused on Political & Social Issues
Conference Date: 09/26/14
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $1,000 will be available to Arizona non-profits, government agencies, & others for public humanities programs relevant to Arizona residents. Workshops will be held from September 26 through November 6, 2014. Proposals must be submitt...

Grants to USA Non-Profits, Universities, Others to Facilitate Public Accessibility to Historical Records
Deadline: 12/04/14
LOI Date: 10/01/14

Grants starting at $50,000 are available to USA non-profits, universities, and others for pilot projects that facilitate citizen awareness of and digital access to historical documents. October 1 is the optional deadline to submit drafts for review....

Grants to USA & Territories Non-Profits, Others to Make State Historical Electronic Records Accessible
Deadline: 12/04/14
LOI Date: 10/01/14

Grants are available to USA and territories State archives, non-profits, and others for projects cataloging, preserving, and making accessible to the public state government electronic historical records. October 1, 2014 is the optional deadline to ...

Grants to USA Non-Profits, Agencies, Others for Web Access to Historically Significant Documents
Deadline: 12/04/14
LOI Date: 10/01/14

Grants starting at $20,000 are available to USA non-profits, government agencies, and others to digitize historical records of national importance and make them publicly accessible via the internet. October 1, 2014 is the optional deadline to submit...

Grants to USA Non-Profits for Professional Development Programs for Archivists
Deadline: 12/04/14
LOI Date: 10/01/14

Grants are available to USA non-profits, universities, government agencies, and others to host two or three week long programs designed to help professional archivists expand their skills. October 1, 2014 is the optional draft deadline for those wis...

Grants to Mendocino County, California Non-Profits & Public Entities to Enhance Quality of Life
Conference Date: 10/02/14
Deadline: 12/04/14

Grants ranging from $500 to $10,000 to Mendocino County, California non-profits and public entities for community-based projects that promote a sense of place, protect the natural environment, and increase opportunities and quality of life for peopl...

Grants to New York Non-Profits & Artists for Community & Educational Arts
Conference Date: 10/06/14
Deadline: 12/05/14

Grants of up to $5,000 to New York non-profit organizations, individual artists and teaching artists to strengthen arts and cultural programs, implement arts programming in K-12 schools, and to create new artistic works in in Nassau and Suffolk Coun...

Grants to Alaska Native Individuals & Non-Profits for Environmental Projects & Economic Development
Conference Date: 10/08/14
Deadline: 03/01/15
LOI Date: 12/01/14

Grants of up to $20,000 are available to native Alaskan individuals, tribes, and non-profits for projects that address environmental concerns and support economic development. October 8 and November 12 pre-application tele-conferences will be held. ...

Grants to British Columbia, Canada Non-Profits for Arts, History and Community Programs
Conference Date: 10/08/14
Deadline: 11/28/14

Grants of up to $10,000 to British Columbia, Canada non-profit organizations to support art, culture, heritage and community art projects and organizations. The purpose of these grants is to enrich the art, culture and heritage experience for reside...

Grants to Miami-Dade County, Florida Artists for Non-Institutional Public Arts Projects
Conference Date: 10/11/14
Deadline: 01/05/15

Grants ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 to Miami-Dade County, Florida artists, art professionals, groups and collectives for experimental, artist-centric projects and activities that operate without traditional funding sources and outside the demands o...

Grants to USA & Territories Non-Profit Museums for Innovative Projects that Improve Museum Operations
Conference Date: 10/16/14
Deadline: 12/01/14

Grants of up to $25,000 to USA and territories non-profit museums and organizations benefiting museums and related professionals for innovative projects designed to improve the way museums operate and enhance the services provided. Funds will be pro...

Grant to a Kern County, California Non-Profit for a Capital Project that Benefits Women & Children
Deadline: 01/13/15
LOI Date: 10/21/14

One grant of $50,000 to a Kern County, California non-profit organization for a sustainable capital expenditure project that supports the Foundation's goal of improving the lives of area women and/or children through education, family, social welfar...

Grants to Indiana Non-Profits, Schools, Governments for Art, Civic, Education, Environment, Health, Youth
Conference Date: 10/27/14
Deadline: 12/31/14

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $15,000 to local Indiana non-profit organizations, schools, religious organizations, civic organizations, and local government units that are seeking funds for programs, projects, and/or services that aim to improve the...

Grants to Northern Ireland, UK Organizations to Promote Community & Cultural Relations
Conference Date: 10/31/14
Deadline: 11/28/14

Grants ranging from £20,000 to £70,000 to Northern Ireland, UK organizations which are considered of strategic importance in promoting community relations and/or cultural diversity work, for salaries and operating costs. Returning applicants must ...

Grants to Knox County, Ohio Non-Profits & Public Agencies for Arts, Youth, Education & Recreation
Deadline: 11/30/14
LOI Date: 11/01/14

Grants to Knox County, Ohio non-profit organizations and public agencies to address emerging and changing community needs in the fields of education, youth services, recreation, arts and culture, social services, and civic and community development....

Grants to Northern Virginia Non-Profits & Public Agencies to Positively Impact Local Communities
Conference Date: 11/07/14
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $10,000 to Virginia non-profits, religious institutions and local government entities for projects that benefit Fauquier County, Rappahannock County and Northern Culpeper County. An informational workshop will be held on November 7. ...

Grants to Florida Organizations to Provide Quality Out-of-School Programming for 6th Grade Students
Conference Date: 11/10/14
Deadline: 12/30/14
LOI Date: 12/05/14

Grants to Hillsborough County, Florida organizations to provide out-of-school-time programing that supports the needs of 6th grade students in Plant City or Thonotosassa. The deadline for written inquiries is November 12, and applicants must reques...

Grants to Ontario, Canada Non-Profits & Community Groups to Benefit Kitchener Residents
Conference Date: 11/13/14
Deadline: 12/05/14

Grants to Ontario, Canada non-profit community organizations and groups that provide services in the areas of arts and culture, special events, community support and development, and sports and recreation within the City of Kitchener for the common ...

Grants to Idaho Educational Agencies, Non-Profits, Others for K-12 Academic Enrichment Programs
Conference Date: 11/14/14
Deadline: 01/30/15
LOI Date: 12/05/14

Grants to Idaho local educational agencies, non-profits, community and faith-based organizations, and others for K-12 academic enrichment programs during non-school hours. Workshops will be held around the State from November 14 - 21, 2014. December...

Grants to California Non-Profits & Public Agencies to Conserve & Promote the Environment & Open Spaces
Conference Date: 11/17/14
Deadline: 12/22/14
LOI Date: 12/15/14

Grants of up to $7,000 to a California non-profits, public schools or government agencies for creative projects that promote the rich natural resources and open spaces throughout 4S Ranch-Del Sur. Online accounts must be requested by December 15 in ...

Grants to Bay Area, California Non-Profits for the Creation of Contemporary Arts
Conference Date: 11/18/14
Deadline: 01/05/15

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $7,500 to California non-profit organizations operating in San Francisco, Contra Costa, and Alameda Counties (west of the Caldecott Tunnels) to support local artists who are creating new and innovative work that is repr...

Grants to Ontario, Canada Non-Profits to Enhance Quality of Life in Prince Edward County
Deadline: 12/01/14
LOI Date: 11/19/14

Grants of up to $5,000 to Ontario, Canada non-profit organizations located in the County of Prince Edward to provide direct programs, services or activities that enhance the quality of life. Notice of intent to apply must be received by November 19,...

Grants to Salem, Oregon Non-Profits for New Cultural Events & Tourist Attractions
Conference Date: 11/19/14
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $2,000 to Salem, Oregon non-profit organizations that are not currently listed as a non-profit with the Internal Revenue Service for new and emerging events and festivals within the City. Applicants must attend the November 19 pre-ap...

Grants to Saskatchewan, Canada Non-Profits for Sports & Recreation in the Saskatoon Area
Conference Date: 11/24/14
Deadline: 01/15/15

Grants ranging from $500 to $10,000 to Saskatchewan, Canada registered non-profit volunteer groups to provide sports, culture and recreation programs in the Saskatoon area. Applicants must register by November 21 to attend the November 23 informatio...

Grants to Metropolitan Denver, Colorado Non-Profits for Arts, Culture, Children & Youth
Deadline: 11/28/14

Grants of up to $10,000 to Metropolitan Denver, Colorado non-profit organizations for activities in the areas of arts and culture, or for programs that promote the welfare and success of children and youth. Grant requests falling within the stated g...

Grants to Alberta, Canada Organizations, Individuals to Promote Tourism & Community Development
Deadline: 11/28/14

Grants totaling $3,000 to Northwestern Alberta, Canada groups, individuals, organizations, and other community entities for activities and events that promote tourism and economic and community development in the Berwyn area. These events and activi...

Grants to Manchester, Connecticut Non-Profits & Others for Youth Programs
Deadline: 11/28/14

Grants of up to $1,000 to Manchester, Connecticut community groups for programs to benefit young people. The project or program should fall under the following three categeories: out of school or after school initiatives, community service projects ...

Grants to Athens-Clarke County, Georgia Non-Profits for Grades K-5 Music Enrichment
Deadline: 11/28/14

Grants totaling $25,000 to Athens-Clarke County, Georgia non-profits, government agencies, and public schools to sustain and advance music and arts education for young people in grades K-5. Priority is given to requests for non-consumable music and ...

Grants to Cuyahoga County, Ohio Non-Profits to Address the Needs of Minority Communities
Deadline: 11/28/14

Grants of up to $10,000 to Cuyahoga County, Ohio non-profit organizations to improve the quality of life for Greater Cleveland's minority communities. Current funding priorities include meeting basic needs and promoting workforce development and edu...

Grants to Ocoee, Florida Community Organizations for Neighborhood Improvements
Deadline: 11/28/14

Grants of up to $2,000 to Ocoee, Florida community-based organizations and groups to improve the quality of life by making improvements to their neighborhoods or by creating programs that benefit residents. Applicants may submit projects that beauti...

Grants to New York Non-Profits for Human Services, Education, Housing, Arts, Economy
Deadline: 11/30/14

Grants to New York non-profit organizations that are working to improve the quality of life for those living and working in Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Erie, Genesee, Niagara, and Wyoming Counties. These grants are specifically intended to s...

Grants to Indiana Non-Profits for Immediate Funding for Organizational Needs
Deadline: 11/30/14

Grants of up to $5,000 to Indiana non-profit organizations operating in the Muncie and East Central region of the State that are seeking immediate funding for needs including, but not limited to: the continuation of a project, professional developme...

Grants to Dane County, Wisconsin Non-Profits & Individuals for Programs that Benefit Children
Deadline: 11/30/14

Grants of up to $1,000 to Dane County, Wisconsin non-profits, youth groups and individuals (through an organization) for social, educational, health and other types of initiatives that benefit children ages birth through 17 in the greater Madison ar...

Grants to South Dakota Non-Profits to Develop Effective Solutions to Community Problems
Deadline: 11/30/14

Grants ranging from $500 to $10,000 to South Dakota non-profit organizations for projects that aim to be a part of a community problem-solving process that leads to more effective, equitable and sustainable solutions. Projects should be inclusive, c...

Grants to Minnesota & Wisconsin Non-Profits to Benefit Rural & Farming Communities
Deadline: 11/30/14

Grants of up to $10,000 to Minnesota and Wisconsin non-profit organizations for programs that benefit rural and farming communities where the funding source has a business presence. Focus areas include education, environment, technology, and enhanci...

Grants to USA Organizations, Individuals & Local Governments to Positively Impact The Community
Deadline: 11/30/14

Grants of $10,000 to USA individuals, local governments or local government leaders who work to positively impact their communities to support their own charitable project or a charitable organization of their choice. The following awards are availa...

Grants to Alberta, Canada Organizations to Benefit Wainwright Area Residents
Deadline: 11/30/14

Grants of $10,000 to Alberta, Canada organizations for programs and projects that will improve the Wainwright area community for the social benefit and well being of all citizens. Please note that these grants are designed for larger requests that w...

Grants to Pearland, Texas Non-Profits for Cultural Arts Programs
Deadline: 11/30/14

Grants of up to $5,000 to Pearland, Texas non-profits to develop innovative local cultural and fine arts programs in order to attract more visitors, appeal to residents and draw more businesses to the area. Grant recipients must show the impact the ...

Grants to North Carolina Member Teachers & Groups for Projects that Directly Benefit Gifted Students
Deadline: 11/30/14

Grants of up to $500 to North Carolina member teachers and groups seeking financial assistance for high-quality projects that directly involve and benefit gifted students. Funds can be used to purchase equipment or to provide field trip transportati...

Grants to Ontario, Canada Non-Profits for Activities Benefiting Loyalist Township
Deadline: 12/01/14

Grants of up to $1,000 to Ontario, Canada non-profit or volunteer-based organizations within Loyalist Township or the County of Lennox and Addington delivering programs, events or services to the residents of Loyalist Township. Funding may be reques...

Grants to Lanesborough, Massachusetts Individuals & Organizations to Enhance Public School Education
Deadline: 12/01/14

Grants generally ranging from $100 to $1,000 to Lanesborough, Massachusetts public school teachers, administrators, students, non-profits and community members for projects that enhance the educational experience. Possible projects include, but are ...

Grants to Virginia Non-Profits & Agencies to Bring Performing Artists to Their Venue
Deadline: 12/01/14

Grants starting at $100 are available to Virginia non-profits, government agencies, universities, and others to help subsidize the cost of bringing touring artists to their institution. Artists must be selected from a specific listing of Virginia ar...

Grants to Alberta, Canada Non-Profit Arts Organizations to Support General Operations
Deadline: 12/01/14

Grants to Alberta, Canada non-profit arts organizations based in Edmonton for operating assistance to enhance organizational ability to produce and perform artistic works for the benefit of all City residents. Applicants have the option to schedule ...

Award to a Madison, Wisconsin Music Teacher for Outstanding Achievements in Education
Deadline: 12/01/14

A $500 award is available to a Madison area, Wisconsin music educator who advocates for the success of students and champions in-school music education. Nominees for this award must display leadership, passion, dedication, and innovation within the ...

Grants to USA Non-Profit Theaters for Unrestricted General Operating Support
Deadline: 12/01/14

Grants to USA non-profit, professional theaters that are seeking unrestricted financial assistance for their general operating expenses. These grants are not intended to provide funding for specific project costs. Theaters will be evaluated indivi...

Grants to British Columbia, Canada Aboriginal Non-Profits & Communities for Youth Arts Programs
Deadline: 12/01/14

Grants of up to $13,000 to British Columbia, Canada non-profit Aboriginal arts or culture organizations and First Nations communities for projects that engage youth (ages 15 - 30) in creative and artistic activities in any artistic discipline, inclu...

Grants to Minnesota, North Dakota & South Dakota Non-Profits for Education, Arts & Environment
Deadline: 12/01/14

Grants to Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota non-profit organizations and educational institutions that provide high-quality programs or services that have a direct, positive impact on residents in communities served by the funding source. Pr...

Grants to Massachusetts Non-Profits for Education, Human Services, Arts, Children & Animal Welfare
Deadline: 12/01/14

Grants ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 to Massachusetts non-profit organizations based in Berkshire, Hampden, Hampshire, or Franklin Counties to support and promote educational, health and human services, religious, arts and cultural programming for ...